“Running health care clinics for patients targeted by Congress has propelled me to campaign for California’s Congressional District 22.  As someone who works on the frontlines of care, I know that lives are at stake in this debate.  Every American deserves affordable, quality health care that’s always there. In Congress, I will fight to improve the Affordable Care Act and protect the retirement security of all Americans.” 

As a local health care clinic executive and a founder of a large health care organization that provides health care services to the underserved, Bobby Bliatout understands that what Congress is prescribing isn’t working for the Central Valley. The son of immigrants, Bobby has co-founded and currently serves as the Chief Information and Financial Officer of Health and Life Organization, Inc. (H.A.L.O.), which has the responsibility to provide medical and dental services for nearly a hundred thousand patient lives, with an annual budget of $20 million and 300 employees.  About 30 percent of Bobby’s patients are on the health care exchange created by the Affordable Care Act. Safeguarding and improving America’s system of health care coverage is the primary rationale of his candidacy.

Raised in Bakersfield and Fresno California, Bobby learned the value of hard work and education at an early age.  Bobby’s parents emigrated from Laos as refugees after the Vietnam War without speaking a word of English.  His father worked as a Greyhound station janitor to put himself through college, spearheading his growth in the company and his mother became a successful entrepreneur in Bakersfield.  In 2003, Bobby co-founded Health and Life Organization, Inc (H.A.L.O.), a system of Federally Qualified health clinics delivering care to families in need.  It is Bobby’s work for nearly 14 years at H.A.L.O., that gave him a birds’ eye view of America’s health care system, including what works and what can be improved upon.

In 2011, Bobby was named CEO of a similar type of clinic in Fresno California, the Greater Fresno Health Organization (GFHO).  He serves as both CEO of GFHO and CFO at H.A.L.O. Today, GFHO has nearly 20,000 patients with around a 4 million dollar budget.

Bobby, a Democrat, is an avid hunter and fisherman and a member of the California Waterfowl Association and has served as a local Commissioner for the Housing and Community Development Commission.  He lives with his wife Mouang Bliatout, a registered nurse, and their two sons Jarik and Bryce in Fresno, Ca.

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